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The Travel Bucket List...The Greek Islands

It feels like a good time to reflect on the past few months of summer now that the rains have come, the air is getting cooler, and the sales are in full swing in the shops. For me, the summer months are filled with Happiness and Hope, and new beginnings. And for many of us , lots of travel. One thing I absolutely love about my job is finding out where all my lovely customers have been, or are going too for the Summer Holiday breaks and being able to connect or be inspired by their adventures.

We have seen many travel disruptions over the last few years due to Covid, and this year brought a sense of urgency to get back onto a plane and to fly to our favourite resorts, islands and coastal towns or cities. Being able to bask in the Sun, absorb a different culture and lie down and reflect on life and possibly slow down for a couple of weeks bring us brits much pleasure.

The Islands of Greece

For many of us, we found ourselves heading for one of the islands in Greece where the magic never ceases and the Sun always shines. Personally I found myself on the island of Rhodes which was prettier and more lush than I ever expected it to be. In the height of Summer in July the temperature reached 41 degrees, but the strong winds made for a breezy encounter, which we were all very thankful for. Having young children, we made the mistake of going for an all Inclusive package holiday but felt we missed out this time round to sample more of the local cuisine and the Greek vibes you get by visiting the local Tavernas. I know a lot of customers venture off to the Islands in May and September, when the temperatures are a little cooler and I think I would do the same next time so we could explore more places on the island and visit beautiful towns such as Lindos and maybe take a boat over to the Island of Simi as a day trip.

Visit George at his Family Run Taverna for unforgettable food and Service...

Cavo Costa Kouzina, Faliriki

Lets have a "Relationshop"

I would love to know more about where you would recommend and where your travels took you this Summer. Many of you ventured of to Corfu, Skiathos, and even did a little Island Hoping which I would love to do with my Daughter one day when she is a little older.

The Beautiful Island of Cyprus

Each year, I try and visit my friends who were fortunate to take their retirement and head out to live on the Beautiful island of they are locals, I get to explore and discover all the little hidden gems around the coast of Paphos. We all have a favourite beach where we are awash with contentment when we touch our toes down onto their sandy shores....mine is a little hideaway at St Georges Cove where you can watch the fisherman come and go and swim with the turtles that hatch on the opposite shoreline.

Which Island holds a piece of your heart? where would you recommend and Why?

The Coastal Boutique Tips and tricks

And I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't mention a piece of fashion advice from The Coastal Boutique for when we visit these beautiful islands....

  1. Always pack Natural breathable Fabrics such as Linen and Cottons

  2. Create a colour scheme so you can mix and Match your Clothing

  3. Neutral colours work best for a base colour such as White, Stone, Taupe or Black and Navy

  4. Add a splash of colour with a statement piece of jewellery, a poncho or a Handbag

  5. Buy from an Independent Boutique so you create a unique look!

Happy Adventures, Keep the Holiday Vibe alive!!

Gem x

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