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A Local Community

So, what can I say about the last 8 weeks? It certainly has been a roller coaster of emotion and uncertainty for the future of small businesses and the effects it has had on the High street, literally overnight. Back in March I was all set up for the upcoming parade of business as usual. Copious of stock had been bought for preparation of one of our busiest weekends in the year with Mother's Day approaching, which would then be followed by a weekend stint of trading down at the beautifully picturesque harbour of Porthleven, where I would get to reconnect with my Cornish customers and rub shoulders with many UK Celebrity chefs.

But none of this happened. Instead a wave of disbelief, anger, and fear gripped the nation. And not without great cause. While we stumbled around into the unknown, we have found out lots about our inner survival techniques and the compassion we have suppressed for sometime. Helping our neighbours in a time of need, having a friendly chat from a 2 metre distance, and shopping local have all now become the new norm. And long may it continue! Whilst before, we were all too busy with our "Hectic lives" to give ourselves and our local communities our time and energy and truly appreciate the areas in which we live. And as we have found out, it doesn't take much energy. In fact, quite the opposite. By buying a loaf of bread and a pint of milk for your elderly neighbour, or being part of a community organisation which delivers medicines and groceries to the most vulnerable of society, gives a person, a real sense of achievement and increases our happy hormones, the endorphins. I am all for the moto of " you get back so much more than your put in" and personally, hope to expand on this in the near future, by providing a place of joy and happiness for the local community to once again enjoy, the simple pleasures of shopping!! Hopefully, on June 1st we will open our doors once again, and welcome you back onto the High street with a friendly smile (from 2 metres of course:-) See you all soon, Gem x

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