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Are you Beach Ready? Holidays here we come...

Where are we all jetting off to this year? Have you chosen a city break, A Beach Holiday or an All inclusive Mediterranean Cruise? If your after that show stopping piece for the Beach, a comfy sandal, or a cover up...The Coastal Boutique has you covered!! I am now on my 30 day countdown to my Holiday in the North of Majorca where I will be soaking up the rays at Porta Pollensa. Being an independent High Street Shop , we sell lots of exclusive designs and styles, pretty much guaranteeing no one else at your resort will turn up in the same dress (Yes, I've been there and learnt my lesson to shy aware from the Big Branded names that dominate the High Street). To see us in the Flesh, have a mossy down Honiton High Street in East Devon, or quite simply head over to the Website for our ever expanding collections! Happy Holidays Peeps - Remember to pop in and tell me all about your Adventures x

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