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Let's get Autumn Ready...

I do love the feeling of heading into Autumn, when the skies get that pink tinge to them, the heat of the sun dies down, and the crispness of the wind is felt on your face! Listening to my body, it tells me to start walking, and appreciate the change we see all around us...from pulling out those heavier (and waterproof) boots, looking up to the sky, seeing the colour changes in the trees and adding that extra layer! My go to places to walk are Salcombe Regis, and East Hill. Both just a short journey on the outskirts of Sidmouth in East Devon. Together with my two children, we will be taking full advantage of the last day of the School holidays and I think head into the hills before their days are filled with indoor learning and the school day ritual. What will make you smile at the world around you, whilst we head into a new Season? Let me know in the comments below, or simply head into the shop in Honiton for a good old fashioned chat!! We look forward to seeing you and catching up soon! Autumn here we come x

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